Our Story

Founded in 1999

Radioworld Inc. was founded in 1999 through the amalgamation of Norham Radio, Atlantic Ham Radio, and Texpro Distributing. What started as a small amateur radio store, has since grown into the largest store of its type in Canada, offering a wide variety of specialty electronics for your hobby needs. Radioworld Inc. is proud of the relationships we have fostered with various amateur clubs and associations throughout the years, through community outreach and local tradeshows. Being part of the hobbyist community has allowed us to provide the best customer service possible to our customers. Our staff are all knowledgeable in their own hobbies and are eager to share their insights with the public.

Our Mission Statement

Expert Knowledge, Quality Service, Competitive Prices

It is our goal to provide expert knowledge and premium customer service without compromising competitive pricing. Having a showroom where customers and staff can interact face to face keeps us more in tune with the community and their needs.

Whether you require advice or are ready to purchase, you can always count on us.

Gear up for your next adventure.

Our Staff

Meet the Team


Angelo Meffe

Securities Manager

Jack Summers

General Manager

Adam Meffe

Sales Manager

Lawren Wetzel

Service Manager

Jeff Heggie

Assistant Manager

Tim Pacan

Wholesale & Sales Associate

Paul Schukow


Diane Wilkinson

Sales Associate

John Hall

Sales Associate

Lincoln Williams

Sales Associate

John Koren

Sales Associate

Alex Mclellan

Sales Associate

Ryan Leung

Warehouse Manager

Michael Meffe

Shipping & Receiving

Tyler Lowry

IT & Web Admin

Sam Melanson


Shannen Clark

Special Projects Manager

David Meffe

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