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Rubber Protection

With rubber protection on the corner of the main body, the FT5DR has rugged and shock-resistant construction. The waterproof rating is IPX7. The comfortable size and form of the full-flat back body provides excellent grasp for the radio operator.

High-Resolution Display

A high-resolution display highlights the frequency of the operational band. The colour of the operating band frequency can be selected from white, blue or red. Three (3) touch panel keys and seven (7) operation keys below the display offer intuitive operability.

TOUCH & GO Operation

The new TOUCH & GO operation is convenient in order to immediately start the communications on an often-used frequency. By pressing and holding the “PMG” key, the frequency of the current display is registered into Primary Memory Group. After registration, pressing the “PMG” key will display the receive status of the registered frequencies as bars on a graph (activity monitor). By simply touching the displayed bar, the user can instantly recall that frequency (TOUCH & GO Operation).

Band Scope Function

Band Scope function monitors in real time, up to 79 displayed channels that are centered around the current VFO frequency. The center frequency can be tuned by the dial knob or by touching and moving the frequency of a displayed channel bar.

C4FM Digital Communication Features

The C4FM digital communication features which are already popular in the market, such as: Automatic Mode Select (AMS), Digital Group ID (DG-ID) operation, and Smart Navigation function are available with the new FT5DR.

WiRES-X Portable Digital Node Function

The FT5DR supports the WiRES-X Portable Digital Node Function as well. A portable digital node can be easily set up with the new FT5DR, an internet connected laptop PC, and the optional SCU-39 cable kit

Quick Release Holster

New Quick Release Holster (SHB-26) is included in the FT5DR package as a supplied accessory that allows single-touch attaching and detaching the transceiver while wearing the holster on a belt.

Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings December 28, 2022


Combined with SCU-57, only way to connect to Wires-X digital rooms. Got this on sale at a great price.

Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings July 10, 2022

Nice Handheld

This radio was very well designed, It has wide band receive from 1-999 Mhz, the free codeplug software from Yaesu has a bunch of pre-programmed Shortwave, Marine and Weather channels, you can set up Banks and primary monitor up to 5 frequencies for easy channel selections, Has a Bandscope function, You can even set VFO A to dual band and have 3 frequencies on the screen at once! Cristal clear audio and there are so many features I cannot list them here... Yes, it is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for... It does not come with a programming cable but you can save the codeplug to an SD card then pop it into the radio and use the restore radio function to read it in... That save money but is a bit clumsy... It comes with a slow charger, about 6-8 hours to charge empty to full or you can buy a fast charge cradle. Again, at this price point I would expect a charge cradle... It comes with a quick release belt clip (Would rather have the charge cradle) but as for quality, wow! this is a nice radio and the digital is very clear... And if you are board you can listen to the local radio station or scan the HF bands... If you are looking for a premium handheld and can handle the pricetag... This radio will not disappoint.

Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings Full star image for ratings May 26, 2022

Great radio

I just got this radio and used it for about a day so far I am really happy with the feel of the radio seems to be well built the audio sounds great on both fm and fusion (digital) modes

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