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Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating July 05, 2021

Fantastic Radio

This is an easy to program with the FREE yaesu software, you do not even need a cable, you can export your config to the SD card as a backup, take the card out and edit it with the FREE software, then put it back and restore to the radio... no need to remove the radio to reprogram, very easy to do, the sound is great, the display is crisp and clear even in direct sunlight, it has Wires-X Mode, Cross-Band or Simplex Repeater mode, You can repeat from Digital to Analog so you can use your analog hand held to talk on wires-X, it is very loud and I love this radio! Two separate VFOs and Volumes, it actually has 2 separate radios in one... Very well made. The PROS: Easy to program, removable face plate, comes with mounting and remote kit, no need for programing cable and software is free, great build quality and many many features... Has Bluetooth and the available BT earpiece works very well...The mount bracket is quick-release and reversible for great mounting flexibility... Has Band Scan display lets you view memory channel activity or VFO activity, very cool! Can be used as a Wires-X repeater in simplex or repeater mode, Analog or digital into Wires-X. The CONS: The mic is hooked to the body not the remote head so you may need an extension (Not supplied) , The clips that hold the RJ45 connectors are weak so do not pull on the cables. No digital encryption so not suitable for commercial use, The speaker is on the body and there is no speaker in the mic so if you mount this in the trunk, you will need a remote speaker kit. All in all I love this radio, If you have as 991A as a base, you need this as a mobile!

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Larry VE3OEIFebruary 07, 2021

Nice Radio

Very vice rig. Has most of the features as the FTM-400XDR, plus a few more! Built in Bluetooth, Digital modes on both A and B bands. If you plan to program the memories with the free Yaesu software (available online), or the RT Systems software, you will need the optional SCU-20 data cable. The USB cable supplied, is for firmware updates and other hookups. I also like the that the face plate can be affixed on or off the main body...

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating VE3WZW.NETNovember 16, 2020


thanks for a great purchasing experience.

Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating Star Rating VE3WFSeptember 19, 2020

Great little radio

Bought to put in my truck. Radio is impressive. Every feature known. Mem group feature is a nice addition for scanning. Fusion works very well. Expensive but perfect for a mobile. Shipped in 2 days from Radio World.

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